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Anonymous: johnlock isn't cannon so DEAL WITH IT BITCH


of course it isn’t cannon how could a relationship between two men be a piece of artillery

12. September 2014


I was stopping myself from commenting on the paranoia around the #OlicityKiss. Yes, this one:


I understand that some of us are still not over the fake “I love you” so, I guess, some folks in the Olicity fandom go to that ‘worst possible scenario’ whenever an Olicity scene is spoiled. I really do understand why some of us are being Doubty McDoubty about this.

Also, atom1cflea already had the best response to #OlicityKiss naysayers (Please, go see her infographic and spread it — also, give her some love!).

But it kind of keeps cropping up on my dash and the Olicity tag. So I wanted to remind other Oliciters, the ones who are theorising some fakery afoot with the #OlicityKiss because of the so-called ‘fake ILU’ in the final episode of Season 2, that that scene in the Queen Mansion had a purpose. Multiple purposes, even.

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